Innovation Coaching for Media Executives

We'll help you be the disruptor, not the disrupted!  Proven history of business transformation.

About Our Company

Boutique innovation service run by Guy Tasaka, industry thought leader in CTV, mobile publishing and media growth strategies.  Guy has a long track record for solving hard problems with simple and cost-effective solutions.

What We Provide

One-on-one coaching for media executives as well as project-based "launch and learn" for CTV/FAST channels, streaming audio, generative AI/synthetic media and anything else that comes along.

Our Company Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy.  We want to teach you to succeed.  We think of your business as it was our own.  We create solutions as if we were spending our own money.  Always transparent, always fair.

Our Experience is Diverse and Extensive

Tap into Guy's extensive experience working in the media and technology world and being at the forefront of media and business transformation for over 35 years.

  • 36 years in media and media technology
  • Market research, strategic planning, marketing, subscriber acquisitions, business development and product development
  • National magazines, newspapers, local newspapers, magazines, television, radio and B2B media
  • Digital editions, CTV/FAST channels, mobile apps, ad tech, digital subscriptions, video management systems, generative AI and synthetic media
  • Former publisher and editor, chief digital officer, ceo, research director and head of growth
  • Past companies: The New York Times, Ziff-Davis, Macworld, Calkins Media, Gatehouse and WideOrbit

First Digital Edition

 The New York Times

First Local Paywall Model

Memphis CA 

First Local FAST Channels

Calkins Media

Frequently Asked:

We speak to many media and technology executives every week.  These are some of the most common questions we hear.

What can you help with?

Our primary program is  one-on-one coaching where we will discuss anything you'd like.  Technology questions, staffing and structures for growth.  Many CEO's and publishers don't have an avenue or staff who can help with technical and strategic questions outside of the core business.  The world is moving to omnichannel so a broader media perspective is essential. 

Why did you shift to executive coaching?

We believe that the local media space is very winnable and a sustainable business model is in plain sight.  Not enough media executives understand the opportunities that exist just outside their swim lanes.  We believe we can make a bigger difference having discussions one CEO or publisher at a time and not distract with new technologies and "shiny objects".   We focus on business models and KPIs to evaluate success.

 We have a very small staff?

The phrase "do more with less" is a very dangerous and misleading statement.  You should do less with less but get a much bigger return on effort.  

Who do you work with?

We work with media companies large and small as well as technology companies who need help from industry insiders who also understand how to bring technology to market.  We help those companies with product-market-fit, pricing guidance, getting early adopters as well as bringing tech partners together to create unified reference demo.  

What's local media's biggest issue?

Without a doubt it's culture.  It exists in both the newspaper and television industries.  It permeates throughout organizations and culture starts from the top.  Executives must speak the "change" and staff appropriately.  Legacy staff can be taught to think differently without making wholesale changes.

What is the free consultation?

It's a 30 minute video call to get to know each other and if our background and style aligns with your goals we can move to a coaching engagement.

We Would Love to Help!

Book a free consultation.  We are taking a limited number of coaching clients at this time.  We work with media and media technology executives.

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